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Ohio’s Comdial FXT Expert!!! Our technicians are trained and certified on YOUR Comdial Telephone System and Voice Mail. We have many “crash systems” and repair parts in stock to get your system up and operating the same day. Our suppliers can provide us with almost any equipment including unusual and outdated brands. We can usually have your system operational by the next morning.
Comdial 2000Quick card PDF 162k
Comdial ACD QuickQ Agents User Guide PDF 480k
Comdial ACD QuickQ Supervisors User Guide PDF 416k
Comdial ACD QuickQ System Managers Guide PDF 3.3M
Comdial Americom Digital Telephone Sys Attendant Guide PDF 2.3M
Comdial Americom Digital Telephone Sys Sta User Guide PDF 1.9M
Comdial Americom LCD Speakerphone User Guide PDF 2.5M
Comdial Analog Terminal Interface Install Manual for Impact PDF 2.2M
Comdial DSU II Installation Manual PDF 544k
Comdial DSU II System Manual PDF 3.4M
Comdial DX-80 Corporate Office PDF 2,603k
Comdial DX-80 Technical Manual Vol 1 PDF 3,050k
Comdial DX-80 Technical Manual Vol 2 PDF 2,725k
Comdial DX-80 Analog User Guide PDF 68k
Comdial DX-80 Digital Station User Guide PDF 577k
Comdial DX-120 Installation and Maintenance Manual Vol 1 PDF 6,414k
Comdial DX-120 Installation and Maintenance Manual Vol 2 PDF 11,357k
Comdial DXP 2500 Set User Guide PDF 1.2M
Comdial DXP Correspondance Training Manual PDF 2.4M
Comdial DXP General System Description rel 10a PDF 224k
Comdial DXP General System Description rel 13a PDF 288k
Comdial DXP General System Description rel 13b PDF 272k
Comdial DXP General System Description rel 14a PDF 256k
Comdial DXP General System Description rel 15b PDF 256k
Comdial DXP General System Description PDF 18M
Comdial DXP Plus General Description PDF 15M
Comdial DXP Plus Programming Instructions 2a software PDF 4.4M
Comdial DXP Plus System Hardware Instructions PDF 28M
Comdial DXP User Card DigiTech Phones PDF 156k
Comdial DXP VDT Programming Instructions PDF 15M
Comdial DXP plus system hardware PDF 30M
Comdial DXP-DXP Plus & FX Understanding VMMI PDF 1.1M
Comdial DXP-DXP plus-FX General description rel 15a PDF 164k
Comdial DigiTech 32-Button DSS-BLF Cons User Guide PDF 142k
Comdial DigiTech Attendant Supplament User Guide-1 PDF 1.6M
Comdial DigiTech Attendant Supplament User Guide-2 PDF 1.4M
Comdial DigiTech LCD Telephone User Guide-1 PDF 560k
Comdial DigiTech LCD Telephone User Guide-2 PDF 960k
Comdial DigiTech Multiline Phone User Guide PDF 560k
Comdial DigiTech Telephone User Card PDF 188k
Comdial Digital Telephone Sys Single Line Phone User Guide PDF 496k
Comdial Digital Telephone System Manual 13B PDF 6.9M
Comdial Digitech System Manual PDF 5.8M
Comdial Eloquence VE Voice Mail Install & Admin PDF 3.8M
Comdial ExecuTech 1432 Installation PDF 4.1M
Comdial ExecuTech 1432B Installation PDF 1.9M
Comdial ExecuTech 2000 LCD User Guide PDF 1.8M
Comdial ExecuTech 2000 System Manual PDF 8.1M
Comdial ExecuTech 2000 User Card PDF 178k
Comdial ExecuTech 2000 general description PDF 11M
Comdial ExecuTech 2000 quick ref guide PDF 150k
Comdial ExecuTech 2232 Installation PDF 2.5M
Comdial ExecuTech 2264 & 2296X Installation PDF 2.8M
Comdial ExecuTech 32-Button AdjFeat Mod User Guide PDF 138k
Comdial ExecuTech 32-Button AdjFeat Mod Voice Ann User Guide PDF 162k
Comdial ExecuTech Hybrid-Key Sys Att Guide - 1432 & 22xx PDF 320k
Comdial ExecuTech II Model 816-824 PDF 6.9M
Comdial ExecuTech II User Card PDF 704k
Comdial ExecuTech LCD Speakerphone User Guide 1 PDF 1.2M
Comdial ExecuTech LCD Speakerphone User Guide 2 PDF 1.3M
Comdial ExecuTech Model 0616x-0816x Installation PDF 1.6M
Comdial ExecuTech Model 616 and 616B Installation PDF 5.7M
Comdial ExecuTech Model XE & Model 2000 User Card PDF 256k
Comdial ExecuTech Multiline Key Tel 6614-6620 PDF 608k
Comdial ExecuTech Single Line Phone User Guide PDF 464k
Comdial ExecuTech XE Sys IS & SLP Tel Quick Card PDF 256k
Comdial ExecuTech XE User Guide PDF 154k
Comdial ExecuTech XE-XL Key System User Guide PDF 154k
Comdial Execumail 6.5 Learning PDF 37M
Comdial Execumail 6.5 User PDF 1.2M
Comdial Executech XE System Manual Rev B PDF 6.4M
Comdial Executech XE System Manual Rev J PDF 7.2M
Comdial Executech XE System Manual rev P PDF 6.4M
Comdial Executech XE System Manual PDF 4.1M
Comdial Express PDF 28M
Comdial Express Quick Ref Guide PDF 160k
Comdial Express User Guide PDF 1.9M
Comdial HoTelephone Model 3809X PDF 608k
Comdial HoTelephone Models 3910S and 3810X PDF 736k
Comdial Impact Attendant For Windows PDF 36k
Comdial Impact Attendant for Windows User Guide PDF 368k
Comdial Impact Call Installation PDF 40k
Comdial Impact Call User Guide PDF 304k
Comdial Impact DSU II Attendant Guide PDF 3.3M
Comdial Impact DSU II Lcd Speakerphone PDF 3.0M
Comdial Impact DSU II Non Lcd Speakerphone PDF 2.8M
Comdial Impact DSU Installation Manual PDF 6.6M
Comdial Impact DSU Video Display Terminal Programming Manual PDF 2.1M
Comdial Impact IP Speakerphone Station PDF 2.2M
Comdial Impact SCS LCD Spkr-Sys Ref PDF 608k
Comdial Impact SCS Large Screen Ref Manual PDF 576k
Comdial Impact SCS Non LCD Sta User Guide PDF 352k
Comdial Impact SCS Non LCD Sys Ref PDF 432k
Comdial Impact Scout II PDF 2.1M
Comdial Impact Spectralink Netlink Phone PDF 432k
Comdial Impact quick ref guide PDF 14k
Comdial KeyVoice Install & Supervisor Guide PDF 2.2M
Comdial Maxplus, Maxkey Slenderette Delux 2564-2565 PDF 2.2M
Comdial OPX-Interface Installation PDF 320k
Comdial QuickQ ACD 1995 Administrators Guide PDF 432k
Comdial QuickQ ACD Rev 3.0 Administrators Guide PDF 784k
Comdial QuickQ ACD Rev 3.0 Installation Guide PDF 752k
Comdial QuickQ ACD Rev 3.1 Installation Guide PDF 688k
Comdial QuickQ Agent's User Guide for the Scout Telephone PDF 94k
Comdial QuickQ Agent's User Guide PDF 62k
Comdial QuickQ Supervisors User Guide For Scout PDF 104k
Comdial QuickQ Supervisors User Guide PDF 66k
Comdial Solo II Attendant Position User guide PDF 688k
Comdial Solo II Telephone User Guide PDF 576k
Comdial Unisyn System Manual PDF 2.4M
Comdial VDT Programming Pin Out For Comdial 1432B PDF 8.0k
Comdial air multi-cell wireless comdial systems user guide PDF 240k
Comdial air multi-cell wireless non comdial systems user gui PDF 224k
Comdial dsu & dsu II lcd speaker telephone ref PDF 544k
Comdial dsu & dsu II lcd speaker telephone user guide PDF 368k
Comdial dsu & dsu II non lcd sta user guide PDF 336k
Comdial dsu & dsu II non lcd telephone ref PDF 416k
Comdial dsu & dsu II single line telephone ref PDF 190k
Comdial dxp-dxp plus & fx series lcd speaker telephone users PDF 400k
Comdial dxp-dxp plus & fx series non lcd telephone ref PDF 464k
Comdial dxp-dxp plus & fx series non lcd telephone user guid PDF 384k
Comdial impact 8024-8012-8312 reference guide PDF 528k
Comdial impression dxp-dxp plus & fx series lcd speaker system ref m PDF 704k
Comdial impression dxp-dxp plus & fx series lcd speaker telephone us PDF 352k
Comdial impression dxp-dxp plus & fx series non lcd multiline statio PDF 320k
Comdial impression dxp-dxp plus & fx series non lcd telephone ref ma PDF 528k
Comdial impression dxp-dxp plus & fx series prop single line telepho PDF 160k
Comdial impression lcd speakerphone and monitor station user guide PDF 102k
Comdial impression lcd speakerphone and monitor system ref guide PDF 256k
Comdial impression lcd speakerphone station user guide PDF 120k
Comdial impression lcd speakerphone system ref guide PDF 400k
Comdial impression prop single line station user guide PDF 80k
Comdial scout cordless for impact & fx PDF 448k
Comdial small office-vvp for dsu II user guide PDF 134k
Comdial small office-vvp for dxp-dxp plus-fx user guide PDF 164k
Comdial toal control pc attendant console user guide PDF 1.3M
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We are a full service and installation contractors. Ohio TeleCom has extensive experience in both designing and installing low voltage systems. Our specialty is quality - both in design and workmanship. We use only the highest quality materials, protecting your investment and ensuring your hardware will last for years to come. We service residential and commercial customers in southwest Ohio.We will visit at your job site and advise you based on your budget and requirements, what is the best solution and gear necessary to achieve your goals. After the installation we will give you the necessary training so you can be familiar with the system. Afterwards we will provide warranty and service to maintain the system. 43331 LAKEVIEW, 45806 LIMA, 45819 BUCKLAND, 45850 HARROD, 45862 MENDON, 45865 MINSTER, 45869 NEW BREMEN, 45870 NEW HAMPSHIRE, 45871 NEW KNOXVILLE, 45884 SAINT JOHNS, 45885 SAINT MARYS, 45887 SPENCERVILLE, 45888 UNIOPOLIS, 45895 WAPAKONETA, 45896 WAYNESFIELD, 43009 CABLE, 43044 MECHANICSBURG, 43045 MILFORD CENTER, 43047 MINGO, 43060 NORTH LEWISBURG, 43070 ROSEWOOD, 43072 SAINT PARIS, 43078 URBANA, 43083 WESTVILLE, 43084 WOODSTOCK, 43318 DE GRAFF, 43343 QUINCY, 43357 WEST LIBERTY, 45312 CASSTOWN, 45317 CONOVER, 45389 CHRISTIANSBURG, 45003 COLLEGE CORNER, 45004 COLLINSVILLE, 45011 HAMILTON, 45012 HAMILTON, 45013 HAMILTON, 45014 FAIRFIELD, 45015 HAMILTON, 45018 FAIRFIELD, 45042 MIDDLETOWN, 45044 MIDDLETOWN, 45050 MONROE, 45053 OKEANA, 45055 OVERPECK, 45056 OXFORD, 45061 ROSS, 45062 SEVEN MILE, 45063 SHANDON, 45064 SOMERVILLE, 45067 TRENTON, 45069 WEST CHESTER, 45071 WEST CHESTER, 45241 CINCINNATI, 45246 CINCINNATI, 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John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” At the core of Ohio TeleCom are the values instilled in our concience by our saviour Jesus Christ. Matt 7:12 “Do to others whatever you would have them do to you.”