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Call recording

Call recording is a fantastic addition to any sales oriented company. You can spend countless hours trying to train staff and improve call quality but none of this has the same effect as playing a call back to a staff member and dissecting the call together.

They can hear first hand exactly how they sound and respond to callers. This is one of the most effective training exercises you can do and is brilliant subject matter for sales meetings. Some phone systems will even allow you to email WAV. files (sound files you have recorded). This means you can email other staff members to illustrate a great call and is especially beneficial when you have remote workers or staff in other locations.

Call recording is also great for storing and being able to replay calls at a later stage. This is great for stock brokering firms and other companies that accept verbal recognition for products and services.

Please note that it is illegal to record a caller without them knowing. This is why you will often hear messages saying “please note that this call may be recorded for training purposes”.

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