CTI ~ Computer Telephony Integration

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CTI ~ Computer Telephony Integration

When you look at how frequently you dial the same phone numbers you soon realise that speed dialling can be a fantastic feature to have.

Whether you use a database, ACT, Goldmine, Microsoft Outlook, or just a list of your customers or associates, phone systems can make calling people as easy as clicking a mouse button.

If you are running a computer database or CRM then you should look at how you can tie this into your phone system. Imagine if when a customer calls their whole file could pop up on your screen ready for you. This is logically called screen popping and can save your staff an incredible amount of time, and your customers will no longer be frustrated by having to repeat the same details over and over again.

Some systems charge for this feature whereas others include this at no charge. Make sure you don’t pay for something unnecessarily.

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