VoIP Phone Calls and IP Based Phone Systems

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VoIP Phone Calls and IP Based Phone Systems

VoIP is the latest technology and a fantastic way to slash costs. Plus with the introduction of the NBN, VoIP will be the way we all make phone calls. Any modern phone system can integrate with cheap VoIP calls these days but not every system actually offers VoIP phone system features or SIP trunking (which is the best type of VoIP available for the ultimate call quality and cheapest services) .

VoIP system features are used for linking multiple sites, or remote workers. They allow other users on the phone system to see, transfer, and receive calls, from other sites and staff no matter where they are located. The user can be sat on a beach, using their phone as if they are right there in the office!

If you’re only after cheap calls then it really won’t have any bearing on the system you buy (unless you want to use SIP trunking).

You can get different types of VoIP solutions and if you would like to read more please check out the VoIP phone system section of the site.
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