Wireless, DECT and IP Cordless Phones

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Wireless, DECT and IP Cordless Phones

Sounds simple but a basic cordless phone added to a standard phone system can redefine the way you use your phone system. This is especially true for retailers, customers with warehousing or large areas that become costs prohibitive for office phone cabling and for staff that are constantly on the move.

If your space/office isn’t excessively large then you may be lucky enough to get away with a standard cordless phone. They’re cheap, effective and will connect to any phone system via an analogue extension. However, the downside is that they’re not purpose made for the phone system and therefore cannot replicate normal desk phone handsets functionality (transfer etc). That said they are perfect for receiving calls and that’s all that most companies need.

If you are unlucky and the range of a standard cordless phone doesn’t cut it then you may need either:

a) A specially designed Engenius long range cordless phone with a range of up to 10km line of sight

b) A DECT network created with handsets that are proprietary to the phone system. Here if you have an Ericsson-LG phone system you can get an Ericsson-LG DECT system.

These options are traditionally perfect for:

Mining companies
Large industrial companies
Transport companies
Either of these options can be rather expensive compared to a normal cordless phone but again, in the right environment, this type of solution is worth its weight in gold and can pay for itself in no time in productivity and associated communication efficiencies.
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